At Affinity, we deliver intelligent, custom business strategies for legal teams. Our holistic approach incorporates people, process, and technology. Our passionate, well-connected industry experts work hand in hand with you to help you better understand and optimize your business—from software to growth strategy, and everything in between.

Running your firm

Optimize your practice and take your life back.

Uncover hidden inefficiencies and discover better ways of working. Build more effective teams, streamline your operations, dial in your marketing, and develop plans to ensure your firm’s long-term financial health. Where do you need help? If we don’t do it, we know someone who does.


Leveraging your technology

Maximum efficiency. Zero waste.

From software selection to implementation and training, we make sure your technology is working hard for you, not the other way around. Our client-first, vendor-agnostic approach ensures that solutions are perfectly tailored to the unique needs of every firm we work with. We believe in cutting the clutter and equipping your team with exactly what you need for optimal performance.


Educating your team

Unlock your team's potential.

Nurture your team’s continued professional development through powerful training opportunities designed to inform and inspire. Whether it’s one of our live CLE seminars, on-site software training, or the many courses available in our 24/7 Affinity University, your team will get the kind of practical, real-world training they need to grow and thrive.


Featured Experts

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