Take Control of Your Financial Future

We get it. You went to school for law, not business. Affinity’s team brings decades of financial and profit analysis experience to your firm, combined with a passion for helping our clients succeed. Our consultants are experts at demystifying balance sheets, trust accounts, and profit and loss statements. By teaching you the principles of finance and how to analyze profitability, we empower your leadership to make data-driven decisions based on facts, trends, and forecasting rather than feelings, hunches, and assumptions.

Financial Health Check

Recommended as a mid-year or annual review of your accounting and billing processes, our Health Check is designed to help you proactively identify areas of risk or opportunity. Our recommendations are geared toward helping you:

  • Increase cash flow.
  • Improve reporting for more informed decision-making.
  • Identify issues impacting your financial statements.
  • Improve internal checks and balances.
  • Gain efficiency and boost productivity.

Trust Account Review

Know your trust. Gain peace of mind. Too often, partners are caught off guard by compliance issues related to managing and reconciling trust accounts. Our team of financial experts helps you to better understand the implications and risks of improper procedures and unresolved issues, and we provide you with the detailed analysis and action plan you need to get your firm back on track.

Our Trust Account Review package includes:

  • Bank reconciliation process analysis.
  • Bank statement and reconciliation report review.
  • Identification of potential compliance issues and action items.
  • Detailed recommendations for aligning your procedures with bar rules.