Automating your documents can significantly improve the efficiency of the drafting process and the quality of the documents produced, but if you are not yet ready to make that investment, we can still help you improve your drafting process. Our team of document drafting experts will work will you to smooth out your drafting process and produce higher-quality documents faster.

Our Process


We start by surveying your users to learn more about how they work and the individual challenges they face. We collect formatting requirements for the jurisdictions that you practice in. We gather information about the different software everyone uses for drafting the documents and keeping track of them throughout the drafting cycle.

One-on-One Meetings

We then meet with each person involved in the drafting process. Ideally, these meetings will occur on site, so that we can see how people go about their day, but we also offer remote meeting options.


We compile everything that we learn in a concise, easy to read report. We offer specific recommendations that include checklists and visuals to help you understand what changes to implement to improve the drafting process. You walk away with a solid plan of action.