Solutions and Support

Got a Microsoft Word emergency? Our MS Word Emergency Room service gets you the answers and the fix you need in no time flat. This on-demand service is designed to keep those pesky Word problems from bringing your workflows to a screeching halt. Time permitting, we’ll rebuild your entire document, then provide you with an instruction sheet for using the styles we’ve included. Just a few of the tricky issues we tackle are:

  • Tables of contents.
  • Tables of authority.
  • Automatic paragraph numbering.
  • Embedded tables.
  • Automatically updating paragraph cross-references.
  • Section breaks.
  • Indents.
  • Bulleted lists.
  • Word default settings.
  • Signature blocks.
  • Formatting stability.
  • Page numbering.


Are you getting the most value out of your Microsoft Office investment? Affinity’s team of expert trainers can empower your team to better utilize your Microsoft products in order to work smarter and more efficiently.