Dive Deeper

The PDF tool you use isn’t nearly as important as knowing what it’s capable of. Our engaging, in-depth PDF software training seminars are designed to provide your team with the functional awareness they need to better leverage the software you already have for increased efficiency and productivity.

Your team will discover:

  • Hidden risks and benefits of PDFs.
  • Types of PDFs.
  • Ways to create PDFs and convert other files to PDF.
  • PDF software functionality.
  • How to customize the software interface.
  • How to add comments and markups to PDFs.
  • How to route PDFs for review by others.
  • Electronic and digital signature tools.
  • How to flatten PDFs.
  • PDF encryption and security tools.
  • Bookmarking and linking for improved navigation.
  • How to combine PDFs and create portfolios.
  • How to add, remove, and replace pages.
  • How to reduce PDF file size.
  • Watermarking PDFs.
  • How to create and use PDF forms.
  • How to redact text.
  • Headers, footers, and page numbering.

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Legal PDF software training is included in our cost-effective membership program, Affinity Insight University. Affinity Insight University makes it easier than ever to bring the deep expertise of Affinity’s technology trainers to everyone in your firm. Affinity Insight University is the firm-wide training “easy” button you’ve been waiting for.