Getting Your Digital House in Order (electronic edition)



by Affinity Partners Paul J. Unger and Barron K. Henley


This digital book aims to help you “go paperless” while properly securing client files and information to be as efficient and organized as possible.

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In order to efficiently process daily tasks and emails, you must be organized! In modern times, that means you must have a digital matter/case file that is 100% complete and 100% organized. In other words, to find answers to questions to solve problems for clients, we have to be able to quickly put our finger on the answer. Emails can’t be stuck in users’ inboxes. Some documents can’t be in one place, and other documents in another place. Moreover, we also need effective and secure remote access when working from the road or home.

The goal of this digital book is to teach you how to create that “100% complete” paperless file and how best to properly secure client documents and information!

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