Affinity’s practice analysis will empower you to reach levels of efficiency and productivity you never thought possible. Our innovative 3-step approach delivers unprecedented insight into both barriers and opportunities and facilitates the development of a specific, actionable blueprint for your firm’s transformation.

Step 1: Gain Clarity

Positive change starts with absolute clarity. With Affinity’s guidance, you’ll quickly cut through the noise and identify the root causes—not just the symptoms—of the issues that are keeping you up at night.

Step 2: Get Insight

Leverage the power of perspective to change the way you think about your firm’s future. With our help, you’ll tap into the wisdom within your firm and uncover better, smarter ways of working.

Step 3: Develop Your Roadmap

Finally understand where you’re going and how to get there. Your detailed, actionable practice analysis report empowers you to confidently take your next steps toward an efficient, highly successful practice.


At Affinity, we facilitate profound transformation, which starts with a crystal clear understanding of your greatest challenges and most exciting opportunities. Our analysis focuses on three key areas of your practice.


Your people are your greatest asset and our greatest source of insight. We believe that open dialogue is critical to the success of organizational change. That’s why we take the time to listen to, document, and thoroughly explore your team’s challenges, suggestions, and concerns. We go beyond the “what” in our analysis and recommendations to thoroughly understand and communicate the “why.” Our people-first approach turns skeptics into champions for change.


“The way we’ve always done it” is the enemy of efficiency, and sometimes it just takes a fresh pair of eyes to see the time- and energy-wasters in your processes. Our team of process improvement experts love nothing more than a good puzzle. We work with your team to gain a thorough, detailed understanding of the ways your work gets done, then provide you with step-by-step recommendations for eliminating waste, cutting procedural clutter, boosting productivity, and documenting everything to ensure that things are done the same way, every time.


Even the best, most expensive technology can’t save you from underlying process inefficiencies. That’s why we start with people and process, then begin exploring technology solutions. This approach enables us to ensure that our technology recommendations are precisely in line with what you actually need—nothing more, nothing less. Sometimes we determine that a team simply needs more training on the solution you already have. Sometimes a reconfiguration of an existing solution does the trick. Whether it’s new software, a complete system overhaul, or optimizing what you already have, we work hand in hand with you to ensure that you’re getting the most for your technology investment.