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Things suddenly got a lot more interesting for lawyers shopping for a tablet device for productivity use. We are not talking about content consumption devices like the new Kindle Fire HDX or even the Google Nexus 7, currently the top-rated Android tablet. Instead, we are talking about tablets that can actually be used to make money in a law practice.

2013 is drawing to a close soon. Everyone reading this newsletter has reason to be thankful. We are, after all, still here. Given the trials of everyday living, not to mention the economic pressures on small businesses such as law firms, survival can no longer be taken for granted.

Beyond survival, we want to prosper and enjoy life and career. While technology can be frustrating when it doesn't work right, it can be liberating when it does. Each of us has at least one tech service or product on which we rely to make our lives more productive and enjoyable. This month we asked our consultants and non-consulting staff nominate the technology product of service for which they are most grateful. Here are some of those selections.

We recently wrote about the dangerous new ransomware malware circulating around the Internet. Called Cryptolocker, it will encrypt your files and documents and make them impossible for you to use. Unless you have a reliable backup of those files and documents, the only recourse once infected is to pay the $300 ransom in order to obtain the decryption key. We don't recommend paying a ransom to cyberterrorists, so make sure your backup system is adequate and functioning properly. This is one of the nastiest and most dangerous malware outbreaks yet discovered.

There is a new and particularly dangerous virus making the rounds recently. It is called Cryptolocker. Instead of damaging your operating system or exporting your personal or firm data like many viruses and other forms of malware, Cryptolocker finds and encyrpts your documents and files so that you cannot open them. Without the encryption key to unlock them, they are useless to you.

Many users really like the cleaner and flatter look of iOS 7.

However, if you are over 40, the lighter-weight Helvetica Neue font used throughout iOS 7 may be harder to read than the system font used in iOS 6. Fortunately, there are several settings you can adjust to make the iOS 7 font more readable. There is a very useful guide to making these adjustments in the iPhone J.D. blog pubished by Jeff Richardson. You can find the complete guide here. Included are before and after screen shots so you can see what you will be getting before you make the changes on your own iPhone or iPad.

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