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Whether you are the victim of a hurricane or a busted water pipe in the office suite above your server room, having a plan for protecting your business assets, and for recovery from the disaster, is critical to your business.

This month, we will highlight products and services that don't just put you back in business after a disaster, but keep you IN business! From Cloud based network infrastructure and Cloud based software, to full service recovery solutions that include power, office space, computer and communication systems, you will learn what to consider as you put together your firm's disaster recovery plan.

There is a lot more to Chromebooks than meets the eye. It is more than just a web browser in laptop form. Although it shines when on-line, there are many functions that work off-line. And many varieties of Linux can be installed to run side-by-side with Chrome OS to provide a full desktop operating system to rival Windows and Mac OS X. See my previous post on this.

The new larger Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is more a laptop than a tablet already with a nice complement of ports for connection to desktop peripherals. But if you have one of the "lesser" Windows 8.1 tablets, most of which are powered by an Intel "Bay Trail" Atom processor, you can transform it into a servicable, if not particularly speedy, desktop computer. This can be handy for use in your home or satellite office when you are not on the road using the tablet as a mobile device.

Despite rumors of a smaller Microsoft Surface tablet to compete with the iPad Mini, Microsoft instead went upscale and decided that the Surface Pro is less like an iPad and more like the ultrabook class of laptops. The new Surface Pro 3 has a larger 12 inch screen and powerful Core i series processors from Intel. With the Surface Pro 3's optional detachable keyboard, the device competes not with Apple's iPad tablets, but with its MacBook Air laptops. This is probably a good thing.

Worldox is the leading Document Management System (DMS) for law firms. Worldox will integrate with practically any scanning system available. However, there are many few variations as to the type of integration available betweeen Worldox and your scanning system. Here is a summary of the main integration processes and examples of the devices that are used for each.

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