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Most Lawyers are already in the "Cloud."  If you use Gmail or online backup like Mozy, you are using cloud services.  Cloud computings benefits include low up-front costs and anywhere access.  But it comes with ethical risks.  Those risks can be managed successfully.  These tips will help you comply with the ethical rules.  

Tip 1 - Know Your Ethical Obligations

A very effective way to organize your PowerPoint slides and think through your slideshow is to create "sections" within the slide sorter view. As you can see here, section headers capture the slides that are relevant to that section.


An issue we see a lot is getting fillable PDFs to save with the answers you provide in them. There's an easy way around this for most all PDFs you receive.

ISSUE: Sometimes when filling out form fillable PDFs, I cannot save my answers. Why does this happen?


This article is from Jeff Schoenberger, who recently joined Affinity Consulting. He specializes in Apple, Mac, iDevice, and document automation projects. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or on Twitter or @jrsch

The iPad mini is both an incredibly new product and a modest revision of what we already know. It's incredibly new in that it brings to the 7" tablet space features unknown in that market. Before October 23, you could not get a small-sized tablet with cellular data regardless of how much you were willing to spend.


I have around 56,000 files in 832 folders that I synchronize daily between my laptop and my server. By "synchronize," I mean that I want the files & folders on my laptop to be exactly the same as corresponding files & folders on my server. If files are added, deleted or changed on my laptop or the server,

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