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As we end the year, we like to look back at some of the biggest events from 2016. This year some of our most excited and well attended webinars we ahve ever hosted. From entire webinar series to help short webinars, this was truly the year of the webinar for Affinity Consulting Group.

As we end the year, we like to look back at some of the biggest news from 2016. This year was filled with new product announcements, tips and tricks and more. Our top blog posts from 2016 reflect these topics in the ever evolving Legal and technology world.

The end of the year is a great time to tune up your technology so that you can start off the new year the right way. In NetDocuments, one useful year-end exercise is to clean up and close old or inactive matters.

Closing a file is easy. Assuming you have administrator rights, select Define Profile Attributes from the Admin menu. Select a matter and fill in the Closed Date field. The matter will still be searchable but it will no longer appear as a choice in save dialogs. You can also fill in the Closed Date field on a client, which removes the client along with all linked matters from your save dialogs. Not having to wade through all of the closed clients and matters will save people time when saving documents.

You asked for it, Affinity delivers…MAC Mondays coming soon!

MAC users don’t get much love from the rest of us. Universities and colleges seem to embrace the “other” platform, but with only less than 8% of the world computer market and corporations and law firms usually preferring PCs, MAC users of the world don’t receive the kind of training attention they want and need. Affinity is changing that starting in February.

Each Monday in the month of February, Affinity Consultant and MAC expert user Jeff Schoenberger will host a webinar series we’re calling “MAC Mondays with Jeff.” Each week Jeff will share 30 minutes of tips and tricks in the MAC versions of Microsoft Office products – Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Jeff’s last session of the series will be for the most experienced MAC users when he shares his favorite tips and tricks for those who consider themselves hard core users.

With the recent release of ND Office 2.0, NetDocuments made many of the same features available in both ND Office and in their EMS profiler outlook add-in. In Particular, ND Office 2.0 adds the following features:

  1. Suggested filing locations - In outlook’s Home tab, users will see the ND Save button, with a list of suggested filing locations available next to it with the top item displayed. The ndoffice toolbar provides suggested file locations based on previous filing locations for that sender.
  2. ND Location column – A column called “ND Location” is added to the user’s Outlook view that will display the filed email’s location

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