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In previous blogs and newsletters, we discussed how to use Worldox drop folders inside of Outlook for all of our Worldox users. In this blog we are going to discuss how to take advantage of Outlook rule creation to auto save incoming emails directly to Worldox.

The first step to creating an Outlook rule that moves emails directly into Worldox is to save an email into Worldox via the copy or move button in Outlook.

As you know, NetDocuments keeps a log of user activity within your Cabinets, detailing who accessed, edited or saved each document - but it goes far further than that. If you select a document in the NetDocuments User Interface, and use the HISTORY command - you will see a complete list of all auditable events. However, instead of looking at these events from a document level, what if you wanted to know about the auditable events in a given period of time or related to a given user?

That is the function of the Consolidated Activity Log, and every Repository Administrator needs to be familiar with this feature, as the resulting report not only details "who did what and when," but it also logs the IP address from which the user performed the function.

Define value in your law firm to drive return business and make clients raving fans.

Value is a funny thing. What is valuable to one person is not always valuable to someone else. As consumers of products and services, we have different ideas of what makes a product or a service valuable, and we regularly struggle to understand other people’s perception of value when it does not match our own.

I recently came across an interesting article, published in Attorney at Work, that discusses five key areas that are potentially killing efficiency in today’s legal firms.

These five common efficiency killers include:

  1. Staffing and task assignment errors
  2. Manual billing
  3. Clinging to paper
  4. Tethering work to the office technology
  5. Settling for outdated technology

Starting a year ago with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Microsoft added the ability to use a Windows 10 PC as a wireless display to receive video from a phone, tablet, or another Windows 10 PC. This includes the ability to use a second Windows 10 computer as an extended display for your main PC. You can actually use a Windows 10 tablet as a second monitor for your laptop when traveling.

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