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I have talked to hundreds of people over the last 4 years about their experiences—both good and bad—of using Dragon Naturally Speaking in their legal and medical work. Here are 4 myths I have collected about working with Dragon.

Myth 1. Dragon Does Not Work: Our customers tell us now that the Dragon version released 2 years ago (V 11) works very well out of the box with an initial 5 minutes of training . Prior to that release I would hear this complaint frequently from people who had tried Dragon without success. One of the reasons that Dragon is working better now is all the data Nuance, the owner of Dragon, has collected from users of the free Dragon apps for the iPhone. This has allowed them to fine-tune the speech models that Dragon uses to transcribe dictation.

Myth 2. Dragon Takes Too Long to Train: I used to hear stories about people spending hours reading text to Dragon. Now Dragon training with a USB microphone or a good digital recorder takes no more than 5-10 minutes. Yes, the speech models do improve with additional dictation and correction, but most customers are surprised at the quality of Dragon's transcriptions out of the box.

Myth 3. Dragon Takes too Long to Learn How to Use: Dragon is one piece of software that users should buy an hour of training to learn how to use. An hour of on-line training can save you 5-10 hours of trying to teach yourself how to use Dragon. And you will probably need someone to ask questions of after you start using Dragon.

Myth 4. Dragon Does Not Improve Our Productivity: If you are an attorney who is used to dictating into an analog tape recorder and having your assistant transcribe your dictation, this might be true at the beginning of your use of Dragon, especially if you talk to Dragon on your computer and see the words appear on the screen. Using Dragon that way can slow you down. So for most attorneys I usually recommend that they get a digital recorder like a Philips DPM 9600, send their dictations to the assistant electronically and let Dragon do the transcriptions in the background on the assistant's PC. This will automate your dictation workflow and eventually save you assistant lots of manual transcription time. That's where the real savings is using Dragon. And I have seen this happen over and over at our customer offices.

If you tried Dragon in the deep dark past, let us help you try it again with a different outcome.

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