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In today's world, the average person is quite adept at typing on a computer keyboard. Because of this, many lawyers have done away with the art of dictation, opting instead to type their own documents and emails. What is often not taken into account is the speed and efficiency of using voice over typing. No matter how good a typist you are,you can always speak faster.

Likewise, the art of dictation is arguably something that benefits lawyers in court and other public speaking situations, by developing their oratory skills. For this, and many other reasons, we are big proponents of both digital dictation and speech recognition solutions.

Here's a list of facts that many people don’t realize about speech solutions:

- When using the latest digital dictation software, you no longer need a traditional microphone or mobile recorder. You can now do all of your dictating directly from your smartphone or mobile device. This means that you can send your dictation from wherever you are and you no longer have the cost of an added recording device. You can also monitor the status of the transcription from your mobile device.

- You can attach photos and other files to your digital audio files in many of the digital dictation apps.

- Many people believe that you have to use either digital dictation OR speech recognition. In fact, you can combine the two seamlessly.

- You can use digital dictation in conjunction speech recognition software, without changing your dictation habits. Instead of routing your dictation directly to your transcriptionist, it simply takes a detour through speech recognition first, and then sends the dictation to your transcriptionist with the already transcribed text attached.

- In addition to the traditional forms of digital dictation software that reside on your network, there are now excellent cloud-based offerings. These are paid on subscription, as most cloud based products are, and offer excellent security and backup your files, taking that burden off of you and your internal IT team.

- Dragon NaturallySpeaking can do so much more than just dictation. You can actually control your whole computer by voice! This includes navigating the web and almost any other program you may have. This is particularly helpful for people with disabilities and repetitive motion injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

- If using Dragon Professional or Legal editions, you can create very complex voice macros to do almost anything you want by voice, including controlling specialty software such as Tabs3/PracticeMaster, Time Matters, PCLaw, and many other products. You can also have it call up document templates and fill forms by voice. The options are almost unlimited.

- Dragon comes in many languages, and also handles a variety of accents and dialects.

- You no longer have to spend hours training Dragon, as accuracy out-of-the-box is now over 90% and only improves the more you use it or allow it to analyze existing documents and emails that you have written.

If you need more information about Speech Solutions, contact Britt Lorish by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone at (540) 767-7624.

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