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If you don't already have a laptop computer for travel or if you struggle trying to get things done on your small smart phone screen when you are out of the office, here is a cheap alternative - the $120 refurbished Acer C720 Chromebook.

Since it was introduced half a year ago. Microsoft's Outlook email app for iPhone and iPad has received consistently good reviews. Now Lifehacker has proclaimed it the best email client for the iPhone. Here is why.

Lawyers love their iOS devices - even more than the general public if market statistics are believed. But one problem with the iPhone and iPad is onboard storage. It isn't expandable. What do you do if you bought a 16GB iPhone or iPad and soon learn that you need more storage space?

Email should always have an undo button. It is far too easy to send out an angry or ill-advised email, particularly when our natural inclination to advocate for and protect our clients gets the better of our common sense and decency. Fortunately, if you are a Gmail user, the undo button is built-in.

Tyler White's recent post on the Lawyerist blog gives good advice on cell bill savings. He went with a carrier that charges him only for what he actually uses.

I have a Surface Pro 3, Microsoft's high-end tablet that can also serve as a laptop replacement (provided you purchase the $129 type cover). The Surface Pro 3 runs Windows 8.1 Professional (and soon will be running Windows 10). I also have a Google Nexus 7 Android tablet that runs the Android 5 (Lollipop) operating system. There are many Android tablet productivity apps for my law practice I find useful on my Nexus 7 that I wish I could run on my Surface Pro 3. Now I can.

One of the shocks of moving from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 (and soon to Windows 10) is the seeming disappearance of the built-in Windows Backup function. In a great series of articles by Windows maven Paul Thurrott, backup strategies are explained, including using the new Windows File History feature to backup your data.

The recent dustup over Lenovo installing adware/malware on new consumer-grade computershas renewed attention on just how much crappy bloatware and trialware (trial versions of programs) is loaded onto Windows PCs by manufacturers. Lenovo is not the only offender. Dell, HP, Asus, Acer, Toshiba, and others do the same thing. Windows might have more fans if, like Mac OS X, all users were given a clean Windows install without crapware slowing down (or potentially compromising) their machines. Other than going the custom-built route, the only way to get a "pure" Windows machine is to buy a Signature Editioncomputer directly from Microsoft.

Most lawyers run their law firms on Windows. Mac is a growing platform, particularly for solos and small firms. And while Android leads in overall smart phone market share, iPhones are more popular with lawyers. And what about tablets? There are compelling offerings in the Apple, Android, and Windows ecosystems. Do you need to stick with one platform across all of your tech devices?

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