Become the Master of Your Technology

Our interactive deep-dive live training sessions are designed to help users of all experience levels find new ways to work more efficiently, solve problems faster, and achieve maximum productivity by better utilizing the technology they already have! Live legal technology training sessions are available exclusively to Plus and Premium members of our Affinity Insight program.

Upcoming sessions include:

  • Microsoft App Series - May 3rd - June 28th @ 4PM ET

    Learn how to work more efficiently with a different app each week with our Microsoft Apps Series. This series is designed to introduce you to what each app can do, an overview of how each one works, and instructions on how to set them up to work for you.

    10-20 minutes of training content + Q&A / day

    5/3: Teams
    5/10: Forms
    5/17: Bookings
    5/24: Planner
    6/7: Automate
    6/14: To Do
    6/21: Lists
    6/28: Stream

  • Word: Formatting Text - May 5th @ 4pm ET

    Get in formation! In this live training session, learn tips and tricks for formatting text, include font and paragraphs formatting tricks, automatic numbers, and bullets.

    20-40 minutes of training content + Q&A

  • NetDocuments: Real Time Collaboration - May 12th @ 4PM ET

    In a time COVID separatisting, we need to re-think how we review work together. Since for some, they cannot deliver their work product in person and certainly are missing the in-person content review. This has had us all saying there’s got to be a better way and depending on your environment, there is an answer.

    Got Office 365? Then MS Word Live collaboration could be the game changer you have been seeking. This solution allows Co-Workers to not only see the changes in a document but allows them to make them at the same time. If you already have NetDocuments and Office 365, then it’s free, only your time is needed to unlock this new world.

    • Launching into docs the Cloud.
    • Live review and updates
    • How others see that document as its being working.


    10-20 minutes of training content + Q&A

  • Word & Excel: Mail Merge - May 19th @ 4PM ET

    Bulk up your efficiency with mail merge! Produce common documents faster with advanced mail merge features. In this live training session, learn how to combine Excel and Word to create power mail merges.

    20-40 minutes of training content + Q&A

  • Word Styles Series - June 3rd - July 1st @ 4PM ET

    Learn how to harness the power of one of Word’s most powerful features, Styles.

    10-20 minutes of training content + Q&A / day

    6/3: Styles Precusor – Font and Paragraph Formatting
    6/10: Introduction to Styles
    6/17: Modifying Styles
    6/24: Paragraph Numbering
    7/1: Tables of Contents

  • NetDocuments: Mobility - June 8th @ 4PM ET

    Road warriors, this one is for you! In this webinar, learn how to use NetDocuments on an iPad. Specifically, we will cover how to:

    • search, open, and edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files.
    • take text-searchable handwritten notes in OneNote, Notability or GoodNotes and save them directly into NetDocument from your iPad.
    • scan documents on your mobile device and save directly into NetDocuments.
    • send attachments via email.


    10-20 minutes of training content + Q&A

  • Excel Data Series - June 9th - June 23rd @ 4PM ET

    Learn how to manipulate data in Excel.

    10-20 minutes of training content + Q&A / day

    6/9: Data Type
    6/16: Tables
    6/23: Pivot Tables

  • NetDocuments: Versioning - July 22nd @ 4PM ET

    Taking advantage of the nuances of versioning can greatly enhance document workflow and simplify a workspace. Rather than simply saving a new document and calling it Version 2, NetDocuments offers true versioning of a single document. In this webinar we will explore the many ways of working with document versions including subversioning, locking a version, deleting individual versions and auto versioning.


    10-20 minutes of training content + Q&A

  • NetDocuments: Saved Search - August 12th @ 4PM ET

    At first glance, anyone can see how NetDocuments Saved Searches save time. If you spend time constructing the perfect search, why not save it so that you don’t have to remember the exact criteria or recreate it through trial and error? While useful, that is only scratching the surface of what Saved Searches can do.

    Saved Searches are one of the most powerful features in NetDocuments. They can be used to create and run reports and to monitor workflows. In this webinar, we will explore some of the way Saved Searches can expand and enhance efficiency within your organization.


    10-20 minutes of training content + Q&A