Become the Master of Your Technology

Our interactive deep-dive Power Hour sessions are designed to help users of all experience levels find new ways to work more efficiently, solve problems faster, and achieve maximum productivity by better utilizing the technology they already have! Power Hour legal technology training sessions are available exclusively to Plus and Premium members of our Affinity Insight program.

Upcoming sessions include:

  • Microsoft Outlook: Tasks - July 22nd @ 2PM ET

    Prioritize, organize, and capture everything on your to do list with Outlook tasks! In this power hour, learn key setting changes, methods of delegation, customization, management, and organization of tasks. Further, learn how to use Microsoft To Do to simplify your tasks experience.

    Learning objectives:

    • Apply changes to Outlook settings
    • Demonstrate delegation methods
    • Create tasks with custom fields
    • Develop task management strategies
    • Employ strategies for task organization
  • NetDocuments - Collaborations - August 11th @ 3PM ET

    With today’s current environment, collaboration is a key piece to solving the puzzle on how to work together or apart. We will look at what options are available with NetDocuments to help both Internal and External collaboration needs. We will discuss best practices and how to implement them for your organization. We will review Collaboration Spaces, Online Document editing and transferring of documentation.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Review of NetDocuments internal and external collaborations
    • Best practices for NetDocuments collaborations
  • Microsoft Word: Document Automation - August 13th @ 2PM ET

    Increase your drafting efficiency with automation tools built into Word! In this power hour, learn how to use macros, auto text, and simple mail merges to produce documents more quickly.

    Learning objectives:

    • Create macros
    • Develop auto text entries
    • Produce documents using simple mail merge functions
  • Affinity Insight: Microsoft Word Styles Series - August 17 to August 21 @ 12PM ET

    Become a Microsoft Word styles expert with our week long course focusing exclusively on styles. Each day includes 20-40 minutes of training content, plus plenty of time for Q&A. Each day, we’ll focus on a new topic:

    Monday: Styles Precursor – Font and Paragraph formatting
    Everything you need you need to know to harness the power of styles. This webinar covers 2 of the 3 levels of formatting – font/character formatting and paragraph formatting.

    Tuesday: Styles Introduction and Application
    Learn what styles are, the numerous advantages to using them, how to apply existing styles, and how to control the styles pane.

    Wednesday: Styles Modification and Creation
    Learn how to modify existing styles and create new styles and transfer styles from one document to another.

    Thursday: Styles and Automatic Paragraph Numbering
    Learn how to use styles to automatically number paragraphs – focusing on list styles.

    Friday: Styles and Tables of Contents
    Learn how to use styles to create an automatic table of contents, including the use of linked styles to separate paragraph text from table of contents entries.

  • BONUS: Microsoft Forms - August 19th @ 2PM ET

    Collect information electronically with Microsoft’s valuable tool, Forms. In this webinar, learn how to create forms, use the results received, and develop reports.

    Learning objectives:

    • Create forms
    • Use results
    • Develop reports
  • Microsoft Excel: Readily Readable Data - August 26 @ 2PM ET

    Revitalize the appearance of your spreadsheets and improve overall readabilty! In this power hour, learn how to format your data, harness the power of conditional formatting, freeze panes, add headers and footers, and techniques for printing spreadsheets.

    Learning objectives:

    • Apply formatting principals to make data readable
    • Employ conditional formatting to analyze data and enhance readability
    • Employ pane freezing to make data readable on screen
    • Prepare spreadsheets for printing
  • Microsoft Word: Advanced Styles and Linked Styles - September 2nd @ 2PM ET

    Automatically bring inline paragraph titles into your table of contents with linked styles. In this power hour, we bring together styles and tables of contents on an advanced level.


    • Employ heading styles for numbered paragraphs
    • Create linked styles for paragraph titles
    • Build tables of contents based on heading styles and linked styles
  • Microsoft Word and Excel: Mail Merge on Steroids - September 9th @ 2PM ET

    Bulk up your efficiency with mail merge! Produce common documents faster with advanced mail merge features. In this power hour, learn how to combine Excel and Word to create power mail merges.

    Learning objectives:

    • Use Excel to populate document information
    • Produce custom documents using mail merge in Word


  • Microsoft Powerpoint: Perfect Your Presentation - September 23rd @ 2PM ET

    Perfect your PowerPoint presentations with advanced techniques! In this power hour, learn how to bring life to your presentations with professional animations, document call outs, timelines, and slide transitions. Learn tricks for seamless presentations and how to employ themes and master slides.

    Learning objectives:

    • Use animations and slide transitions professionally
    • Employ document call outs and timelines
    • Prepare master slides
  • Microsoft Word: Collaboration and Sharing - October 14th @ 2PM ET

    Play it safe! Let us show you how to safely send documents outside your organization. In this power hour, learn how to remove metadata, document security, lock on tracked changes, create PDFs, and email documents from within Word. Further, learn how to collaborate in real time with Office 365.

    Learning objectives:

    • Create PDFs files
    • Collaborate using tracked changes and Office 365 features
    • Protect documents using metadata removal and document security
  • Microsoft Outlook: Contacts - October 28th @ 2PM ET

    Gain control and organization of your contacts! In this power hour, learn key setting changes, how to important contacts, and how to manage your contacts to keep them up to date and organized.

    Learning objectives:

    • Apply changes to Outlook settings
    • Organize contacts
    • Use the import utility to import contacts from another source
  • Microsoft OneNote: Organizing Your Notes - November 4th @ 2PM ET

    Organization is key to efficiency! Get organized with OneNote. In this power hour, learn how to import content, organize your notes, add annotations, search, and filter within OneNote.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Use tools to import content
    • Develop strategies for organization
    • Create annotations
    • Employ search and filter tools
  • Microsoft Excel: Data Deep Dive - November 11th @ 2PM ET

    Conquer the depths of Excel’s data manipulation and analysis tools! In this power hour, learn how to manipulate text, lookup data, use data validation to create dropdown lists or require users to enter specific types of data, create tables, and build pivot tables.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Apply tools to combine text, split text, and change capitalization
    • Use formulas to look up data
    • Create dropdown lists using data validation
    • Employ data validation tools to limit types of data entered
    • Produce tables of data
    • Analyze data through pivot tables
  • Windows 10: Tips and Tricks - December 2nd @ 2 PM ET

    Get more out Windows 10! In this webinar, learn tips and tricks for working more efficiently, including shortcuts, searching, settings, Cortana, and the task view mode.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Create shortcuts
    • Employ search techniques
    • Change settings quickly
    • Use task view mode
  • Microsoft Oulook: Automation - December 16th @ 2PM ET

    Take your Outlook skills to the next level and increase your efficiency with Outlook’s automation tools. In this power hour, learn how to employ rules, quick steps, and quick parts to process email faster. Other efficiency techniques and customizations will be covered.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Create Outlook rules and quick steps for faster email processing
    • Develop quick parts for commonly used language
    • Employ other techniques and customizations to increase efficiency