Process Planning for Powerful Productivity

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We know we should write things down, but when it comes to process planning and mapping out all that we do it’s a daunting task which seems much too large. Is it really that important? YES! Your processes are directly tied to your team’s productivity. You can’t just buy another software system or buy another laptop or iPad. Throwing technology at a problem without first looking at the process will rarely ever fix it, but following a few simple steps to map out your processes could drastically improve efficiency and improve everyone’s productivity.

Attendees will learn:
• How to get started by defining the work flow challenges
• How to and what to measure to leverage tech and eliminate waste
• How to analyze the data and turn it into implemented solutions

Join Affinity Director of Default Services Erica Fujimoto as she shares how to turn process planning into productivity in this 30-minute free webinar.


CLICK HERE for access to this on demand webinar.

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