Unlocking the Potential of the Software You Already Own: SharePoint Online



As a Microsoft 365 subscriber, you’re on the cutting edge. You use this integrated solution to create work product and are more productive than ever. But, are you truly making the most of what’s available in this powerful software you already own?

Join us for the first session in a new webinar series from Affinity where you’ll go beyond the basics of the software you already own and discover some hidden potential. Affinity Partner Jeffrey S. Krause will explore SharePoint, a feature of Microsoft 365 that allows users to share access, interaction and collaboration. He’ll discusses how it can be used as a primary storage location for your firm’s documents and data, or as an auxiliary storage location for your existing document management system.

Attendees will come away with an understanding of:
– What is included with your Microsoft 365 SharePoint subscription
– An understanding of OneDrive versus SharePoint
– The tools and add-ins that can enhance your SharePoint experience
– The pitfalls your firm should avoid when using SharePoint
– Integration of SharePoint with your firm’s current applications.

Access this webinar recording now.

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