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January 29th marked an interesting and somewhat surprising day in iOS history. It was the first day that you could get all of the “core” components of Microsoft Office on your iOS device. For twenty years before the 29th, Microsoft Office was only available for Windows and Mac. With Outlook’s arrival, iOS and Android have the honor of being the third and fourth platforms that run Office. In this month’s feature article, we’ll take a look at Outlook for iOS, which comes in a “universal” version that is native to both the iPhone and iPad.

February is Client Appreciation Month at Affinity Consulting. Elsewhere in the newsletter you’ll see links to webinars we’re hosting throughout the month on a variety of topics, including a follow-up Mac Tips and Tricks webinar on February 19th. For those who attended the January 19th webinar, this will include new material. Click HERE to register.

For our Mac Corner this month, I thought I’d cover some of the Mac bloggers that I appreciate most. The following are excellent sources of information on Mac products and happenings in the community.

Regardless of whether Santa brought you a brand-new Mac or if you’re working with one you’ve had for a while, there are always new tricks and tools that you can learn to save you time and make you more efficient. Below is a way to make you a more productive Mac and iDevice user. But before you read on, register for our FREE 30 minute MAC Tips & Tricks Webinar on January 19.

December’s newsletter is perhaps the easiest and most fun for me to write because it gives me the opportunity to rattle off some great tech toys and gifts.

For the past several years, Apple has made its annual Mac OS X updates available as free or nearly free downloads from its Mac App Store. This year is no different and the version released earlier this month, 10.10 Yosemite, contains a boatload of enhancements for those who live in the Apple ecosystem.


If you're a Mac-based lawyer practicing with attorneys who continue to rely on WordPerfect, you're faced with the fact that no one has made a version of WordPerfect for the Mac since version 3.5, which worked only on PowerPC Macs running Mac OS 9 or earlier. In other words, no hardware-software combination that Apple shipped in the last seven years. Fear not. There are options

One of the best things about using Apple products is that, as a consumer-centric company, they understand the value of making a marketing splash heading into the Christmas season. At June's Worldwide Developers Conference,

Being Thankful for Fellow Mac-Loving Attorneys

Having just wrapped up a week of conferences in Florida, I’m happy to be back home in Ohio. Although, of course, it was pleasant to escape late fall temperatures and spend time in Ft. Lauderdale and Orlando, at Disney World. The first of my two conferences was mostly work, training default services law firms on case management software. But the second, MILOfest, which I mentioned in August’s column, was a fun and festive opportunity to meet with fellow Mac-loving attorneys, and learn some new tips, tricks, and software. I thought an excellent article would be to recap some of the cool things from the conference and encourage you to mark your calendars for next October.

In the Beginning

Much like Apple’s other businesses, Mac sales have grown remarkably in recent years. At first it was the “halo effect” of folks buying first an iPod and then a Mac. Then came the iPhone and the iPad,

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