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Wireless data isn't cheap. I am learning that the hard way as my grad student daughter continues to rip through our family plan's alloted data at an alarming rate. The answer (or at least one answer) is to use Wi-Fi instead of cellular data on your phone or tablet when away from home. So how to you find Wi-Fi hotspots?

iOS device uses have been able to use the excellent WiFiMapper app. Now it is available for Android phones and tablets from the Play Store. WiFiMapper is much like the traffic/routing app Waze. It uses social features to allow users to curate the information regarding WiFi locations. The user-provided information includes whether there’s a time limit and if you need to register to use it, gives details on connection speeds, and even lists whether the connection is a secured network or not.

One thing you can do with the Android version not available on the iOS version is use the app to connect to the Wi-Fi hotspots you find uding the app. This is largely due to the differences in the way Apple locks down its operating system functions compared with Google's more open approach on Android.

If you are out and about with an Android device and you have anything less than an unlimited data plan, this app should help you stay below your cellular data cap.Just make sure you take security precautions such as using a VPN when you connect to any Wi-Fi network outside of your home or office.

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