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With the recent release of ND Office 2.0, NetDocuments made many of the same features available in both ND Office and in their EMS profiler outlook add-in. In Particular, ND Office 2.0 adds the following features:

  1. Suggested filing locations - In outlook’s Home tab, users will see the ND Save button, with a list of suggested filing locations available next to it with the top item displayed. The ndoffice toolbar provides suggested file locations based on previous filing locations for that sender.
  2. ND Location column – A column called “ND Location” is added to the user’s Outlook view that will display the filed email’s location
  3. Private Access – users will have the option to apply “Private Access” to an email. This removes all users’ access to the message but maintains full administrative privledges for the user who files the message.
  4. Send & File – Users now have the option with ndoffice 2.0 to have a prompt to file outgoing messages. Even if the user does not turn that feature on, there will be 2 new buttons for sending email, one that says Send and File and the other that is just Send.
  5. Attaching Documents improvements – users now have the option of editing the order of attachments as well as changing the name of the attachments before sending them.
  6. Zip attachments – users now have the option of creating a single .zip file containing all of the previously selected individual document attachments.
  7. Convert Attachments to PDF – Users will also have the option of converting attachments to PDF format before sending.

Many of these new features overlap with features in the EMS profiler, which may prompt users to remove the EMS Profiler add-in and just use the ndOffice 2.0 program. However, ndOffice 2.0 includes additional email filing capabilities that overlap with EMS Profiler (and EM as well), but it is not feature-complete with EMS Profiler.

ndOffice 2.0 does not include the following EMS Profiler features:

  • The ability to edit the subject line before filing
  • A simple profiling method that doesn’t require the entire dialog to open
  • The ability to remove the email from the inbox automatically

When ndOffice 2.1 is available users may decide to remove EMS Profiler. A replacement for EMS Folders will eventually also be made available.

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