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ndOffice version 2.1 will be available beginning June 23, 2017. This version will be made available to users via the auto-update notification. This promises to be a feature packed update. Here are just some of the new features:

New and Improved Email Filing Features in Outlook

Now you can easily profile to a client/matter without having to open the ndOffice dialogs. If the item isn’t in the ten locations we show by default (associated with an email address) then clicking the Select Workspace option will open a pane (not the entire dialog), your cursor will be placed in the Client field and you can begin profiling. You can also change cabinets here.

You can now rename your email before profiling:

Additionally, users can have emails removed from the inbox after profiling by using the new registry key "DeleteEmailsFromOutlook" with a value of "true" (default is false).


Another registry setting we’re introducing controls whether ndOffice remembers attributes in addition to the ones you're filing for use with Suggested Locations. The default value "DoNotRetain" will force ndOffice to behave as it does in 2.0. The value "RetainAndShow" will remember the attributes in addition to the one you’re filing to, and when you save the dialog will briefly appear with these values in them so you can easily replace them with others if needed.

For example, if most of your emails need to have the same Author value associated with them, using the RetainAndShow value in the registry will allow ndOffice to remember that value and fill it in by default. You can hover over the location to preview what values will be applied. If you select a new workspace, you will be also able to hover to see if there are values that will be applied, and click edit to add new ones.

The hovertip in the suggested location:

Background Saving

Now, when you select one or more locations in the dialog, clicking Save and Close will immediately queue the emails for a background save, close the dialog, and leave you in control for more work.

Improved Dialog Performance – We now save emails as a background task, so you can select many emails and save via the dialog. If you press save and close, the dialog immediately goes away and the background task of saving the emails continues, leaving you free to work.

ndOffice Compare

By leveraging Word's compare features, you can now compare two documents – documents in NetDocuments (separate docs or versions) and/or documents on a local file system. After comparing, you can put the result back as an attachment to the document you compared, as a version of a document, or as a new separate document (of any type).

When finished, note the “Save as Attachment” option on the review dialog.

Attach to Calendar Event

Users can now attach items to a calendar event in Outlook. This opens the standard Attach dialog, which allows the user to select one or more items to attach.

These are just some of the great new features offered in this latest update to ndOffice.

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